Love the Broken Ones

Today’s kindspiration comes in the form of a song.

It’s called “Broken Ones” by Jacquie Lee.

Sometimes it can be difficult to focus on being kind and sending love out into the universe when we ourselves are hurting. Our pain is a part of us, after all.

But if there’s one lesson my mother has heavily enforced for as long as I can remember, it’s that someone is always feeling more alone and more broken than you are. And not in a way that “your pain doesn’t matter because it’s not as bad,” oh no, this lesson comes with the challenge to find that person who’s feeling worse than you are, and shower them with love.

As a 98% introvert (I’ve taken the tests, I know for sure), I tend to enjoy blending into the background and observing more than participating, although it depends. But this gives me a golden opportunity to be able to really clearly find the person feeling the most left out. It’s like a reflex now to find them, go up to them, and be there. Sometimes I strike up a conversation and we become fast friends, and other times we merely introvert as a team and silently sit together.

We all deal with pain in different ways. Whether we blast sad songs on repeat, drown our sorrows in Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food (no? Just me? Fine…), or just simply shut everyone else out and draw ourselves inward, it’s something we all go through.

So the challenge for today’s kindspiration is to listen to the song, read the lyrics, and take them to heart. And then, start finding the broken ones in your life. Channel your own pain into kindness and love that you can shower on them.

In my experience, there’s no better remedy for my own sadness than giving love to someone else.

Bask in the power of kindness.

Let it inspire you today.